Eagle Point Beach Resort


Eagle Point Beach Resort is a seaside haven located at the tip of the Calumpang Peninsula in Anilao, Batangas; and now the largest and most popular diving destination for locals and foreigners. It is also the premier company outing venue in Batangas, as it offers exclusive access to private and secluded beaches and a plethora of water activities.

This three-star resort is a luxurious, but budget-friendly getaway for nature-lovers, thrill-seekers, couples, families, and corporate groups. With its strategic location, it also provides scuba divers easy access to the best diving spots in Anilao.

The resort owns a part of Maricaban Island, a secluded white-sand beach known as Sepoc Beach Center, where corporate groups can hold their team building activities. The center provides kayaking and scuba diving gear so the guests can explore the hidden gems of the island.

We collaborated with Eagle Point by doing a photoshoot for their print, billboard, and campaign materials.

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